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A smoothie ordered by your child at an Olive Garden restaurant that offers alcohol might not be the best choice. An Olive Garden in Indianapolis served a rum cocktail to a 10-year-old boy. The boy’s mother ordered him Wildberry Frullato, which is a child’s smoothie drink. The waitress mixed up his order and brought him a four-ounce rum beverage instead. This despite the fact there was no adult at the table who had ordered alcohol olive garden alcohol.

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The waitress realized her error and alerted management. However, the boy had already ingested half of the beverage. The family went to the hospital despite the Olive Garden staff promising that the boy would be fine. It was discovered that the boy had consumed alcohol. According to the family, the boy was not acting normally. An officer described him as “shaken” but “alert.” “

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It is not the first instance of a restaurant serving alcohol to children. Olive Garden has served alcohol to children twice over the past two years. A Florida Olive Garden served sangria instead of orange juice in a sippy cup for a toddler last year. According to the Huffington Post, another toddler received a margarita at an Applebee’s in place of apple juice last year. A few weeks later, a four-year-old child dined at Chili’s and was given alcohol. It was a mudslide instead of a chocolate milkshake. This resulted in an alcohol-ingestion excess.