Stingless bee honey and its potential value

Which plants develop exactly the maximum nectar?

Carniolan honey ants Bee

For bees, the most important crops in character are:

Spring plants, such as freshwater, snowdrops, primroses,

BeeFriendly decorative plants

Bees can also benefit from crops which people develop for Decorative functions. By planting indigenous ornamental plants, we can cause a Bee-Friendly garden that’ll always supply a few nectar streams and, at precisely the same time, enjoy our green oasis.

Nectar crops that we can plant from the backyard include:

Nectar-producing perennials: gold alyssum (Alyssum

Spices and fragrant plants comprise rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint,

Shrubs: blossom rose, sap, blackcurrant, gooseberry, all Different types of willows or catkins, privet, hibiscus, all sorts of dogwoods (Cornus) along with honeysuckles

Trees: crazy cherry, horse and sweet chestnut, bee-bee tree

Which honey plants may be employed on larger cultivated plots?

There Are Lots of such crops and also we generally plant them in Summer when many areas are vacant. Besides providing a feast for both bees. Besides, they are excellent for the dirt, rendering it comfier.

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